Peacock in Progress

Peacock Vase Progress:


The roll up.


Peacock feather murrini, made with Mike Stevens. (Thanks Mikey!)


Finished head in the hot shop!


Out of the box and ready to be attached!


Finished product on the TMA shelves!

This was a piece I designed on the cruise ship last year. I was so happy to have a hot torch for all of my little details!

Thank -you to Jack Gramann for assisting me! We even had time to make a Crab Pile!



1st Hot Sculpting Weekend a Success!


Last weekend, I taught a Hot Sculpting Weekend Workshop  at the TMA with Mike Stevens (An introduction into the world of sculpting-8 hours total)! We had a blast! No one in the class had ever sculpted before. On the first day, I had them using the garage and ranger torches! It was great!!!)

IMG_1508\IMG_1501  Megan’s ElephantIMG_1523 Paul’s Koi FishIMG_1518 Linda’s LizardIMG_1516 Lawrence’s HorseIMG_1514Libby’s Piggy

IMG_1505Hannah’s Dragon

Switching Gears- PMC


I recently took a Precious Metal Clay class from Barbara Schnetzer at the Toledo Museum of Art! It was so great ((She is wonderful)). PMC is a clay that when fired, it turns to pure fine silver! Too cool! So here are some small pieces at all stages! Plus, you CAN fire it with glass. It is making me think of ideas for future projects!!!!!


Fired Crab.  The claw on the right has a patina- the body and left claw still need to be cleaned.


Shark! Finished ((He makes me so happy))!!!!


Some glass shards in the kiln with PMC inclusion-about to be fired! We shall see!