Glass For SALE!!!!!

I apologize that I have not blogged in awhile! I have been all over in the past year and will be updating my blog with those stories soon! In the meantime, I have an unusual amount of glass for sale! Here are the items. This is a rare opportunity to buy my glass  (as I am usually sailing around the world and am not home to sell my glass).

‘Tis the Season! Give the gift of Glass!

A variety of tiny adorable pumpkins- $20 each


Multi-color swirl flattened vase- $40

vase3 vase1vase2

Black and white flattened vase with adventuring accent-$40

vase4 vase5 vase22

Tall multi-color flower vase- $60 each

vase6 vase9

Spiral fruit bowl- $60

vase12 vase14

Large multi-colored fluted bowl- $90

vase16 vase17 vase18

Multi-color fluted bowl- $80

vase23 vase25 vase24


6 thoughts on “Glass For SALE!!!!!

  1. Christy Bendersky says:

    How larger is the Large multi-colored fluted bowl- $90

  2. charky13 says:

    Hi Christy! It is 10″x10″x5″.

  3. Bonnie-jo says:


  4. Robert Anthony says:

    What are the dimensions on the multi-color swirl flattened vase? Aunt Charlene

  5. Dan says:

    Hi there, I noticed you had made an amazing piece called Killer whale breaching, it looks like it was made in 2014. If you still have it Id love to purchase it from you. Hopefully we can work something out if its not still available

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