Ship Collaborations!!!

While I was on the cruise ship in Alaska, we did many Collaborations! Together, the entire team created our Breast Cancer Research Foundation pieces. Every cruise we would auction off this piece and raise money to donate! We would work on these pieces for the entire two hour show and it would take all three members to create it! We even had a DJ playing fire inspired music so that we could all participate and focus on the piece.

These pieces have several patterned parts that we put together to create one amazing vase. Every week was different! This helped us unite and grow as a team!

Here are some of the works that we made!


Made by Ian Schmidt, G Brian Juk, and myself




Made by Ian Schmidt, Kenton Pratt, and myself

Ian and I have worked together in Toledo, so we decided to collaborate in making an Alaskan inspired goblet before my cruise contract ended! We came up with a whale bubble netting.


Here is the Drawing


I made the whale and Ian made the goblet. We worked together in assembling the piece.

This goblet is now in one of the display cases on the Solstice ship for all of the guests to see!


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