Mazzy’s all cooled off!!!

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First time making a dog! I’m pretty ecstatic at how well this first subject went! There are always things to improve on and with time I’ll get there! But hey, not bad at all 🙂


Working hard on a little pug named Mazzy Star*

My Subject


Quick Sketch for size!


First I made the head

photo 3 (1)photo 4 (1)

Then I warmed up the head, made the legs, and put the piece together with the help of my good friends!!!

photo (30)photo (28)

photo (18)photo (24)

Here are some photographs for my latest challenge! Making a pug out of glass, specifically a portrait of a little pug names Mazzy! 🙂 This is the first time I have ever tried sculpting a dog! I had a great team helping me on this one; Ian Schmidt, Austin Littenberg, Mike Stevens, Brandon Price, and Sten Neuber! What a fun Thursday night at the Toledo Museum of Art!