My Home for the Next 3 Months

My Home for the Next 3 Months

I am working for the Corning Museum of Glass on the “Equinox” for Celebrity Cruise Lines. The ship is sailing around the Meditteranean! So far we have been to Greece, Turkey, Naples, Venice. Heading to Florence tomorrow 🙂 we blow glass almost everyday and everyone loves our shows! What a life!

All Girl Team:
(Taryn, Myself, and our team leader Catherine)


Spider-man is OUT!!!

IMG-20130519-00954 IMG-20130519-00955

Here he is! The Amazing Spider-man, hand sculpted in glass. He is all shiny once again and he has his eyes!!! Hot Shop Party with Austin Littenberg, Ian Schmidt, Ryan Thomas, and Sam Meketon! It did not take a long time to pick him back up and put his eyes on, but it was scary racing him from the warm kiln to the blazing glory hole! But with the help from my good friends, we got him safely back into the box! Yes!!!


Here is a “scale” shot. That is an average piece of paper 8.5″x11″.


…And this will be the final piece! Spider-man vs. Venom!  Now it is up to my buddy Dane Turpening to make an epic stand for the two of them so that they can face off!



Dane and I are hoping that when you walk around the piece, the viewer can look through Venom’s mouth, over his tongue, to see Spider-man’s eyes!