He’s red again!!!

IMG-20130517-00941 IMG-20130517-00943 IMG-20130517-00944 IMG-20130517-00945 IMG-20130517-00949

All red again! Painting and sandblasting took a lot of hours but it was worth it!!!

You may be wondering where his eyes are! Well- he is not done yet! I am going to put him in a kiln and bring him back up to a hot temperature (1050 degrees) where I can attach him to a glassblowing pipe and add his eyes. I will also fire-polish the surface making Spider Man nice and shiny again. Pray to the Glass Gods for me!  Every time you put the piece back into the kiln and heat it up again, you risk the piece breaking. Glass is finicky and holds a lot of stress. If Spidey gets hot too rapidly he can crack or explode. Also, I have seen people stick glass pipes to their pieces again, and sometimes it doesn’t stick well and the piece will fall off! So here we go- time to put Spidey together! I’m going to need a great team for this job!


Time to make Glass Spider Man a Reality

IMG-20130511-00848IMG-20130513-00880  IMG-20130513-00882 IMG-20130513-00883 IMG-20130513-00884

Here are the in-progress photos of the amazing Spider Man!!! The head is hollow and created in the hot shop using inside sculpting tools. My good friend Eric Bernardi helped me make him-it took about three hours at the TMA. Once again, I am using my beloved puffy paint to create Spidey’s patterning. Just like the spider man cup, there is red color underneath the black. Now it is time to head off to the sand blaster (for several hours) to get that red to show!!!

Painting Turtle

I told myself if I was going to make a sea turtle, I was going to do it right! There are a lot of ways to cheat the details, so here is my labor intensive turtle! Every possible detail included!


All of the parts are brown with a layer of beige underneath.

1st- I drew on all of the fin details with a silver sharpie. Then I used yellow puffy paint to create the shapes in the fin.


Once they are finished being painted I will sandblast them using diamond grit to remove the brown layer of color and show the beige underneath.


Here are the in-progress pieces. The left foot is finished, the middle fin is half way sand blasted, and the right is still completely brown.


When they are all finished, they look like this!


Now that the fins are done, I can put the turtle together in the hot shop!

Puffy Paint to the rescue!

Spider Man Cup


Painting on the lines. All of the yellow lines will stay black. I will blast away the black color with diamond grit to reveal the red color underneath.


I have to cover up his eyes and the inside of the cup so that they stay shiny.  Any surface hit by the diamond grit becomes a matte finish.


Inside the diamond grit sandblaster. I can see the red spidey suit!!!

IMG-20130509-00815 IMG-20130509-00838

Once it’s done, I can peel off the paint.

IMG-20130509-00841 IMG-20130509-00843



This Spiderman cup is a test! Now, it is time for Spidey himself! Photos to come!