Show Opening-Michigan Hot Glass

Show Opening-Michigan Hot Glass

“Young Toledo: A Survey of Toledo’s Emerging Talent Working in Glass”
Curated by Jeff Mack- This Sunday, April 28th, at Michigan Hot Glass Studio in Detroit, MI. from 2-6pm!!! For all of you who are going to Habatat’s 41st International Exhibition Saturday, please come and check out this awesome show on Sunday!


Switching Gears- PMC


I recently took a Precious Metal Clay class from Barbara Schnetzer at the Toledo Museum of Art! It was so great ((She is wonderful)). PMC is a clay that when fired, it turns to pure fine silver! Too cool! So here are some small pieces at all stages! Plus, you CAN fire it with glass. It is making me think of ideas for future projects!!!!!


Fired Crab.  The claw on the right has a patina- the body and left claw still need to be cleaned.


Shark! Finished ((He makes me so happy))!!!!


Some glass shards in the kiln with PMC inclusion-about to be fired! We shall see!

I’m a Student again!

IMG_1260IMG_1227 IMG_1228 IMG_1243 IMG_1276 IMG_1331 IMG_1336 IMG_1286

Some photos from Cappy Thompson’s enameling workshop at the Toledo Museum of Art. The flat pieces are window glass. The vases were made for the students from TMA studio manager Jeff Mack (amazing). The process takes 3-4 firings with the low-fire enamel paints. I was pretty impressed! Cappy is an amazing teacher!!! All of us students had a blast!