Who Doesn’t Love a Beluga Whale?!

IMG_1006 IMG_1009 IMG_1007

Check out this little Beluga whale I made! I still need to remove the punty, but he turned out so cute! I made him with Brien Strancar at the TMA. We decided he needed a little fish in case he got hungry!!! AND guess what?! It is just the right size and fits perfectly in his mouth! What a meal 😉


Purple Crab Pate de Verre

Purple Crab Pate de Verre

I am presently teaching a beginning pate de verre class. This is my -in progress- demo piece! He was put in the kiln today! Pray to the glass gods and de-moulding photos will be on their way in a week! I’m in high hopes that he will be a vibrant purple color, sitting on a mossy rock! We shall see!